Pro Press Square Small Tips
Pro Press Square Small Tips
Pro Press Square Small Tips


Pro Press Square Small Tips

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Expertly molded full cover gel tips that offer strong, consistent & durable results each time. 

  • Create beautiful professional enhancements in light speed
  • Just as durable and long-lasting as hard gel or acrylic. 21+ days of wear
  • Easy soak-off. Using acetone Pro Press tips remove in under 10 minutes with no damage to the natural nail.
  • Download our STEP BY STEP GUIDE


Pro Press tips are available in 3 shapes each with 11 size options. 

  • 550 piece boxes contain 11 tips sizes (0-10). 0 is the largest size and 11 is the smallest.
  • Refill sizes are also available in 3 shapes and 11 sizes. Each refill size contains 50 tips.

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