Nail Tips (No Well)
Nail Tips (No Well)
Nail Tips (No Well)


Nail Tips (No Well)

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Gel nail tips without well - Deep Smile Curve

Product Description 

These natural colour nail tips are ideal for gel or acrylic extension on a variety of nail lengths. Designed to help create the perfect smile line  the tips are easily blended.They have a natural shallow C curve that is suitable for all nail shapes.


Using Stick IT Nail glue by the manicure company brush a small amount on the back of the nail tip and nail plate. Apply and hold in place for 5-10 seconds to ensure a strong adhesion. Cut the tip to the desired length using a tip cutter.



Each size (0-9) come in refills of 50 tips. Full set of 500 includes 50 of each size (0-9) 


Gel nail tips by The Manicure Company


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