Nail Tips (With Well)
Nail Tips (With Well)
Nail Tips (With Well)


Nail Tips (With Well)

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Natural Half Cover Nail Tips With Well

These nail tips have a small well at the base. The well is used for the glue and should be the area which makes contact with the natural nail plate. These are an all-round tip but are ideal for short or bitten nails. They have a natural shallow C Curve are square and are easily blended.


Apply Stick It Nail Glue to the well of the tip (The area at the base which is lighter in colour) apply the tip to the natural nail at your desired height, holding in place for 5-10 seconds to secure a tight bond. It is recommended to apply only the well area to the nail as to avoid any air pockets. Using a tip cutter, cut the tip to the desired length.


Each size (0-9) 0 = Largest Size 9 = Smallest Size come in sets of 50 tips. A full set of 500 includes 50 tips in each size (0-9)


Natural tips by The Manicure Company

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