Builder Base - Beige Cover
Builder Base - Beige Cover
Builder Base - Beige Cover
Builder Base - Beige Cover


Builder Base - Beige Cover

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Product Description:

Builder Base gel builder in a bottle in beige cover is an opaque beige nude shade that is ideal for nail extensions and overlays. BIAB

How To Use:

  • Prepare the natural nail as normal by performing a dry manicure.
  • Cleanse the nail with Pro Prep & Wipe solution.
  • Apply your prep liquids (such as PH bond/Pro or Ultra primer)
  • If applying on the natural nail apply our gel polish base coat first and cure for 60 seconds in the dual pro lamp.
  • If creating an extension over a nail tip or nail form follow your normal prep and application steps.

  • Infills are recommended regularly rather than removal.
  • To remove: File off the bulk of all product on the nail and then soak in gel off solution for 15 minutes.
  • Visit the Builder Base FAQ page here:



  • Gel builder in a bottle formula
  • Use as a structure base coat with gel polish
  • Use to extend the nail with a tip or form
  • Cures under UV and LED light (60 seconds LED 120 seconds UV)
  • 21+ days of perfect wear
  • Bottle volume: 16ml (0.54 fl oz)
  • Product SKU:BB04

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